Global Engineering

Simplifying The Future With AI-Powered Human Technology

The topic of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) often stirs up complex emotions, but the fact is, it’s nothing to fear. The thought of digital beings is more mundane than you may imagine. The term digital human refers to a digital avatar. This allows users to use a digital identity. This can either use 3D […]

The Internet Of The Future

The Internet is considered by many to be the greatest achievement of the human race. Not only does it give us access to the collective information of the human race, but it allows us to communicate instantly, consume any media of our choosing, keep up to date with all the latest news in the world, […]

Setting Up A Server At Home

When it comes to long term data storage, the best option right now is to make use of a server. More people than ever are relying on third party cloud storage for their media, work, and other data, but this also means that the third party has access to the information that they are storing.

AI And Its Impact On The Future

The world changed forever with the invention of modern computing. While mankind has always been good at building tools, the computer has propelled us to an entirely new kind of future, one that may see us eventually create a true artificial sentience, once that’s capable of being as intelligent as we are, and likely even […]

Why Mankind Is On The Path To The SIngularity

The Singularity is postulated as being the point where humankind creates an artificial intelligence that gains true sentience and starts to fall away from our control.

Ready To Adopt Cloud Technologies?

The power of cloud computing has become more and more publicised as of late. This is because it seems as if overnight, the world converted to cloud data systems. However, the truth is, cloud technology has been a part of our lives for quite some time.

Effectively Filtering Water At Home

Proper water treatment and filtration is a service that most governments around the world offer to their citizens, and some countries even make clean, potable water a human right that everyone should have access to. But over the years, we’ve seen more and more stories of people battling to get enough clean water from their […]

The World’s Largest Reforestation Project

One arm of the current climate crisis that doesn’t often make headlines is the rampant deforestation that’s taking place across the world. Planet Earth provides the perfect environment for forests to thrive, with plenty of nutrients, water, and an ozone later to project plants from the harshness of space. But on a global scale, humanity […]

The Most Powerful Weapons Ever Made

Humans are the most innovative species that the Earth has ever seen. Our invention of various technologies has allowed us to dominate the planet in every aspect, and today we are virtually in control of almost everything that happens across the world. Part of the reason our technology has advanced so quickly in a relatively […]

Going Green With COVID-19

Let us face it, we have all heard the COVID-19 news – the number of infected, the fatalities, and the potential third wave. All of this is terrifying, which makes sense. However, this is not the only thing that the pandemic has brought us.