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4 Classified Engineering Projects From History

Since the start of the 20th century, governments from all over the world have worked on countless classified projects. These were mainly based on war-related experimentation, and gave rise to some of the most advanced technologies in the world.

These range from truly destructive weapons to modern jet fighters and more, and for year were hidden from public knowledge.

But many of the once-classified projects have been released to the general public, and for the first time in decades, we can learn about the testing that was done by governmental engineering teams over the years.

1. The Baker Test

The Baker Test was part of Operation Crossroads, and saw the detonation of a 23-kiloton nuclear weapon that was set off before the surface of the ocean. The test was conducted in the Marshall Islands, and has given rise to one of the world’s most famous recordings.

The US battleship Arkansas was completely flattened by the blast and pushed out of the water. In the pictures we have today from the event, some believe it’s possible to see the ship in the blast, although the US government has yet to release any more information about the tests conducted.

It set the scene for much of what we know of modern nuclear weapons, which have become part of every day life, from the energy we produce to the games we play, such as slots NZ.

2. The U-2 Projects

The Advanced Development Program of Lockheed Martin known as Skunk Works, was in charge of a number of secret projects over the years. Lockheed Martin is one of the US government’s leading contractors, and has introduced countless aircraft technologies into the world, both for use in war and commercial transportation.

The U-2 is one of their most well kept secrets, and was designed as a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. The plane, which is able to hang around 21 kilometres in the air, made world news when it was shot down by Russia in 1960 while it was carrying Francis Gary Powers.

3. The B-2 Stealth Bomber

One of the most formidable aircraft in the sky today is the stealth bomber. These planes are almost completely undetectable by radar, they’re incredibly fast, and they’re able to fly at altitudes that keep them safe from most forms of danger.

They’re also some of the only vehicles in the world that are equipped with nuclear weapons, making them also one of the most dangerous war machines right now. The development of the B-2 was done in secret, and was created as a replacement for the B-1.

The plane was designed to be almost invisible to all forms of radar, and saw the green light during the Cold War as the US and Russia attempted to build better and more powerful war machines.

4. The Manhattan Projects

Before World War 2, our understanding of the atomic world was extremely limited. Scientists were aware of the power trapped within atoms, thanks to work done by Albert Einstein, and it didn’t take long for a project to start to try and harness this power.

The Manhattan Project was perhaps the best kept secret of the war, and by 1945, the US famous took the results of the project to Japan in the from of two nuclear weapons, changing history forever.