Global Engineering

Ambitious Ideas That May Change Space Travel Forever

NASA is currently the world leader when it comes to the latest in space travel technology, and their many years of experience and experimentation means that they have a deeper understanding of the difficulties of space travel than most. In line with this, NASA has offered a large reward to anyone around the world that […]

Are Automated Cars Really Our Future?

AI is a major buzzword at the moment. It seems like you can’t glance online without someone trumpeting the incredible advancements seen in the world of AI. On the other hand, the gushing about AI potential is almost routinely followed by naysayers who declare the technology will likely be the end of us all. Both […]

Engineering Feats Of The Ancient World

Numerous sites around the world prove that people who lived thousands of years ago were skilled engineers, mathematicians, architects, project managers, and construction workers. A list of all the engineering feats of the ancient world would be impossible to complete, because archaeologists continue to make startling discoveries.

Engineering Trends to Watch

With the dawn of a new decade comes a slew of new design trends, and as 2020 kicks into gear, you can be sure that there will be plenty of advancements in the engineering world.

The World’s Most Expensive Science Projects

Science has come to dominate the world in the last 100 years, with technological, medical, and cosmic breakthroughs shaping how we live every day. Science, however, is not cheap, and collectively as a species we’ve invested trillions of dollars into a plethora of science experiments in a bid to make the world a better place. […]

Groundbreaking Historical Feats of Engineering in Architecture

Architecture is a rich playground when it comes to engineering, especially when you consider the era in which certain constructions were created and the knowledge and materials that were available to designers then.

Who Was Nikola Tesla Beyond The Myths?

It has now become somewhat trendy to recognise Nikola Tesla, with many groups eagerly gathering around to declare him as one of the most overlooked figures in history. Indeed, it is true that Nikola Tesla was overlooked, having been a key figure in many extremely important scientific developments, and receiving little credit.

Beware These Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineers are attackers who utilise the one weakness found in every organisation, simple human psychology. Through phone calls, emails, and other media, these predators trick us into handing over our sensitive personal and financial information and can cause great damage as a result.

Weekend Projects for Engineers

Are you stuck for something to do on your days off? Staying busy and productive just got a whole lot easier! Search step-by-step instructions for these easy projects online and you’ll be good to go.

Musk Reveals Details on Tesla Pick-up Truck

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has recently revealed his company’s latest vehicle launch: the Tesla cybertruck. The futuristic-looking pick-up truck was unveiled to the public in a lavish ceremony, and although the reveal did not go exactly according to plan, the world is abuzz with the news of Tesla’s latest electric-powered creation.