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Ready To Adopt Cloud Technologies?

The power of cloud computing has become more and more publicised as of late. This is because it seems as if overnight, the world converted to cloud data systems. However, the truth is, cloud technology has been a part of our lives for quite some time.

Think about it, the use of Google Drive or using social media, where is all of this data stored? The answer is simple, the cloud. With data services becoming more reliable and more easily accessible, cloud technology has truly begun to take off to drive digital transformation. This movement is an important part of establishing a global footprint and accessing new, exciting opportunities.

The mass adaptation of cloud has the potential to change the world as we know it. This includes a reimagined level of customer service, improved business efficiency, promotes flexibility, and reduces overhead costs.

What Makes Cloud Computing So Popular?

To start with, cloud computing is scalable and flexible, and you only pay for what you use in most cases. As your business begins to grow, so can your cloud solution. And the best part? It does not require additional equipment to upgrade the system, it merely requires the click of a button. In addition to this, the solution itself does not require additional infrastructure or equipment to function and is simple enough to manage without having to call a technician every time an update is available.

Cloud technology is also easily accessible, which means that you always have access to your business – regardless of where you are. Data can also easily be found and referenced and does not run the risk of getting lost or misinterpreted. This access to information also means that reports can easily be pulled and offer a complete business overview with the quick click of the button. To ensure that this data remains safe, password encryption and different user accounts can be implemented to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing sensitive information.

The lack of a physical data source also means that costly system upgrades and potential damage are avoided and not an unnecessary cost burden.

The Barriers To Uptake

While the world is aware of cloud technologies and the benefits they may offer, many people lack the knowledge and skills to make use of these innovative systems. This lack of knowledge has been known to cause confusion and uncertainty amongst people not yet familiar with the concept.

What we have seen changing, is the government’s use of cloud technology, just like its attitudes changed to the online gambling New Zealand offers. Barriers to education have become alleviated as high-speed connectivity becomes more available and makes accessing resources easier for students. Hospitals and healthcare services have also started using cloud solutions to manage patient data and offer digital healthcare solutions. This growing relationship with government and cloud providers should do wonders for public perception and continuous implementation and use thereof.