Global Engineering

Top Engineering Breakthroughs

Our lives would be a lot more tedious, tiresome, and treacherous without engineered products!

From practical items like zippers through to life-saving medical marvels like the artificial heart, engineers have been behind countless innovations that have vastly improved and prolonged our lives.


Dramatic changes in manufacturing practices have made cars more reliable and inexpensive, turning the automobile into the major transportation mode for the world and becoming a symbol of personal freedom at the same time.


Perhaps the defining symbol of technology in the 20th century, the computer has had a global impact on business and general life these days. They have eliminated numerous menial tasks, been responsible for huge boosts in overall productivity, and allowed us to do things we never could before.


Thousands of engineers are responsible for the introduction of electrification, thanks to their developing sources of fuel, forming techniques to generate power, and creating transmission grids. Today, massive networks of electricity power the majority of the globe.


We have engineers to thank for everything from integrated circuits to transistors to vacuum tubes, and these continue to shrink in size and grow in efficiency and power. They also underlie a host of inventions, including computers and televisions, that make modern life as convenient as it is.

Health Technologies

The mass production of artificial implants and antibiotics have paved the way for huge improvements in our health. Engineered products like artificial organs, biomaterials, imaging technologies and replacement joints have improved the quality of life for millions of people on the planet.

Imaging Technologies

Innovations in imaging technologies have allowed us to enjoy incredible new views into our own bodies, and have revolutionised medical diagnostics in the process. They’ve also allowed us to find out more about not just our own planet, but distant galaxies as well.

The Internet

The internet was developed thanks to a series of innovations in engineering and now functions as a global communications device and a system of gathering information of unprecedented access. It redefined our business practices, personal communications, and educational pursuits. As players who belong to the esteemed River Belle Casino will be able to tell you, there’s a whole new world available to us on our PCs, smartphones, and tablets these days.

Space Exploration

Our forays into the depths of outer space have vastly expanded humankind’s horizons. Additionally, the space programme has inspired the creation of roughly 60 000 new services and products on earth, including wireless communication, more sophisticated weather forecasts, and a range of medical devices.


The telephone transformed the way we communicate, both in our personal lives and in terms of how we run our businesses. From satellites to switchboards, copper wire to fibre optics and party lines to the internet, engineers continue to answer the call for transformation and restructuring.

Television and Radio

These technologies have let us to look into how others live their lives, informed us about different parts of the world, and allowed us to bear witness to events that have redefined the course of history. Television and radio have truly transformed how we receive entertainment and information.