Global Engineering

5 Ways Engineers Are Tackling Climate Change

In terms of global warming the Earth is heading towards an irreparable state of suffering: 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year on record. While some are looking to government legislation to cut emissions, others are looking to technology for help.

The World’s Leading Carbon Neutral Car Companies

It’s no secret that the future of engineering and technology is the carbon neutral space. New technologies are being developed daily that are helping industries reach a zero carbon future, and when it comes to the transportation industry, no one else is moving quicker. And so they should, with the transporting sector one of the […]

Why Software Engineering Is An Up-And-Coming Career

There’s no better time to become a software engineer. There are 4.66 billion people from all across the world who use the Internet and this number is growing exponentially every single year. In 2019 there were more than 5 billion people (again, these are global statistics) who had mobile phones.

The World’s Biggest Data Centres

Almost all of the global internet traffic invariably will find itself moving through a data centre. Data centres are massive, warehouse-like structures that are packed with servers – computers that are designed to offer data and services to the users that are connecting to them. These huge centres are what powers the world’s internet, allowing […]

What Is Genome Engineering?

When we think of ‘engineering’, what first comes to mind is the mechanical and electrical side of engineering – such as construction, electrical plants and the like. However, what people’s minds often don’t think of – when it comes to engineering – is that this practice happens as well in the medical field.

The Greatest Engineering Innovations To Come Out Of Africa

When one speaks about ‘engineering innovations’ and the continents which were responsible for developing these, Africa is not one of the continents which readily comes to mind. However, while they may not have been responsible for developing a particular technology from scratch, Africans have taken already-developed technology. They have adapted it to the needs of […]

The World’s Largest Restoration Projects

Climate change is a problem that we can no longer ignore as a whole, and we’re beginning to feel the harsh impacts of deforestation and carbon emissions, such as the latest global pandemic. And while there are countless people complaining about the world coming to an end, there are just as many that are working […]

Interesting Tech That Failed To Catch On

When major technological advancements are happening at a near breakneck speed, expectations are that the world would be rapidly pushed forward into a science fiction future. There is only one problem with that; the technology, no matter how promising, has to catch on in order to succeed.

The World’s 5 Largest Data Centres

The internet is nothing more than one massive, global network that almost every single functioning device in the world is currently a part of. But large amounts of the traffic that these devices generate needs to be stored safely, along with the countless terabytes of information that we collectively produce during any given day. This […]

The World’s Leading Carbon Capture Projects

Climate change is the biggest challenge that the human race has ever face, and it’s going to take all of our innovation and technology to avert the worst of what’s to come. One of the largest problems we’re dealing with is excess carbon in the atmosphere, more than our planet is able to successfully pull […]