Global Engineering

Excellent Environmental Engineering Ideas

While there may currently be a paucity of cash and a shortage of resources, the one thing the world has never lacked is ingenuity. There are more incentives to invest in energy efficiency during an economic decline and when oil prices have gone through the roof! Constraint is often the breeding ground for incredible innovation.

The Internal Workings of Electric Vehicles

You might have seen electric car charging stations being built in your area, but how much do you know about battery-powered electric cars? Also called EVs or electric cars, more and more vehicles are being powered by powerful batteries and electric motors.

Technology From The Ancient World

Our modern world of computers, air travel, and the Internet has made us believe that we’re the first civilsation in history to create true works of advanced engineering. Our ancestors, however, were far more intelligent than we’ve been lead to believe, and created an assortment of truly next-gen engineering marvels.

MIT Tests Da Vinci Bridge Design and It Works

Turkish Sultan Bayezid II put out the call for a bridge design that would connect Istanbul and Galata, a neighbouring city, in 1502. It would have been the world’s longest bridge span in history at that time, and Leonardo da Vinci sent in a proposal. He didn’t get the job.

Incredibly Creative: Top Inventions By Children

St Paul gave his colleague St Timothy excellent advice when he told him not to let anyone look down on him because of his youth. Young people can be incredible forces of change, and as the following inventions by children prove, it is almost always to make the world a better place.

Ocean Fertilisation and the CO2 Crisis

Ocean fertilisation is a new method of geoengineering aimed at boosting the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere by phytoplankton; microscopic ocean plants that live en masse on or near the floors of our oceans.

The Batteries of The Future

Batteries power our world, from the smartphones in our pockets to the electric cars that are gaining immense popularity. But the batteries that we make use of every day aren’t the most efficient, and many scientists around the world are hard at work creating new types of next-gen batteries to fulfil a growing need for […]

The Top Flying Car Projects Currently In The Works

Based in Slovakia, AeroMobil is determined to make a flying car that works. They’re on their fourth prototype at the moment. All prototypes are loosely referred to as “AeroMobil,” and in 2020 the first of the cars should be shipped to private owners.

Top Geoengineering Solutions to Global Warming

So far, global political efforts to curb climate change have been slow and fraught with delays. In the meantime, scientists across the globe have turned their attention to geoengineering to try and find solutions in time to save our planet from rising greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists and engineers have suggested a few different approaches to […]

Future Sources of Energy

Today, most of our power comes from either oil, coal, or solar and wind. And while these have seen us through the last two hundred years, one day they will provide enough energy to meet our ambitions.