Global Engineering

Some Of The Latest Advances In Software Development

Software development is always evolving. It’s there in the name of the discipline: development. At the moment, the adage “every company is a software company” is now truer than ever before. As organisations pursue their digital transformation efforts so that they are able to keep up with customer demand and compete for the brightest talent, IT leaders need to stay attuned to the trends.

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World-Changing Developments In Nuclear Energy

Almost a century ago, scientists figured out that it’s possible to release enormous amounts of energy by splitting atoms. Initially, this was done as a means of building more powerful weapons to try and turn the tide during World War 2. But the energy sector quickly realised that not only could nuclear energy be used for destruction, but it could also be used for powering our cities and homes.

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The 5 Coolest Engineering Accomplishments Around the World

With engineering continuously progressing, the world is seeing more and more awesome inventions and mind-blowing innovations in technology and engineering. With creativity flourishing and technological advancements progressing simultaneously, it’s no wonder that innovators all around the world are continuing to produce incredible feats of engineering.

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The Biggest Space Rockets In The World

Our journey into the stars began after the end of World War 2, when we had begun to refine rocket technology along with the creation of entirely new organisations aimed at helping the human race progress collectively.

The Space Race, which took place between the USA and the USSR, saw the first animals and people go into space, and effectively ended when the USA was able to put astronauts on the moon.

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Simplifying The Future With AI-Powered Human Technology

The topic of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) often stirs up complex emotions, but the fact is, it’s nothing to fear. The thought of digital beings is more mundane than you may imagine. The term digital human refers to a digital avatar. This allows users to use a digital identity. This can either use 3D technology or create your very own character with a scripted identity.

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AI And Its Impact On The Future

The world changed forever with the invention of modern computing. While mankind has always been good at building tools, the computer has propelled us to an entirely new kind of future, one that may see us eventually create a true artificial sentience, once that’s capable of being as intelligent as we are, and likely even more so.

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