Global Engineering

The World’s Largest Restoration Projects

Climate change is a problem that we can no longer ignore as a whole, and we’re beginning to feel the harsh impacts of deforestation and carbon emissions, such as the latest global pandemic. And while there are countless people complaining about the world coming to an end, there are just as many that are working to fix the problems that we are facing.

Many of these solutions come in the form of advanced engineering projects designed by some of the world’s sharpest minds. These are projects that are years in the making and will hopefully make the world a better place for all.

Liquid Air Battery

The world’s liquid air battery is currently being constructed, and it’s expected to be a leader in terms of storing renewable electricity while also reducing the amount of carbon produced. The project can be found in the Manchester area of the UK, and is set to be ready to go in the next few years, and will power our lights, cars, and our smartphones, which we all need for smartphone gaming options.

It works by using excess green energy to compress air into a liquid, and then when the demand is much higher, the air is released directly back into the gas, which then powers the turbine and adds more power to the grid. It’s an important project for a few different reasons, and most experts agree that global renewable energy is one of the best paths to take to cut down on emissions and make the world a greener place.

The Great Green Wall

the Great Green Wall is an extremely ambitious project that aims at halting the desertification that’s sweeping across the northern countries of the continent of Africa. The Sahara Desert was once a lush forest that spanned for hundreds of kilometres, but due to thousands of years of human agriculture and animal grazing, the forests gave way to grasslands, and then to deserts. It’s considered one of the biggest problems of the current age, as without arable and healthy land, food security is not assured.

Funded in part by the United Nations, the Great Green Wall is being completed with the hope of greening northern Africa; replacing the empty deserts with new ecosystems and offering improved health and food security to the hundreds of millions of people that are living in those areas. Started around a decade ago, the organisation has said that they’ve completed around 15% of the project, with many thousands of KM left to go before they reach 100%.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

The world’s oceans are fighting a battle for long-term survival, with run off, plastic, and overfishing being some of the biggest challenges that we’re facing. One of the most popular projects at the moment is the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, a community-funded and led initiative to start clearing all of the trash out of the world’s coastal areas. It’s seen plenty of success so far thanks to the adoption of state-of-the-art technology designed to filter and pull out all of the pollution in an area.