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Some Of The Latest Advances In Software Development

Software development is always evolving. It’s there in the name of the discipline: development. At the moment, the adage “every company is a software company” is now truer than ever before. As organisations pursue their digital transformation efforts so that they are able to keep up with customer demand and compete for the brightest talent, IT leaders need to stay attuned to the trends.

Here are some of the latest advances in software development.

Automated Code Reviews

The accelerating pace of our life requires us to do operations and launch new software products much faster. That’s why more and more developers turn to automated code review, where particular tools automatically check the code based upon predefined rules.

A number of popular automated code review tools include Veracode, CodeClimate and Codacy. At the moment, the trend to utilise such tools is urgent, taking into account the amount of code lines produced every day.

Automated code review tools offer the following benefits:

  • These significantly speed up code reviews.
  • These identify errors and suboptimal code more accurately than human reviewers doing it manually.
  • These help companies maintain coding standards at all levels.

As a result, IT providers can produce high-quality software solutions within a shorter time.

Machine Learning Operations

There has been a massive increase in demand for artificial intelligence (AI) as well as data science leveraging machine learning (ML) both inside and outside IT. This has an effect both on what is being developed and operated as well as how. Machine learning can be utilised in many stages of development, assisting with informing priorities and decisions, setting accurate budgets, rapidly prototype, reviewing and testing, and even helping in programming.

Big Data Security

Big data, together with data science, have become the standard in the IT industry, with data as the cornerstone of any business, whether it’s a corporate entity or one that offers Canadian mega casino bonuses. Software development has evolved in order to cater to big data requirements from collecting, storing, and analysing data. With the enhanced scrutiny on big data by users, regulatory bodies, and governments, safeguarding all this collected data has become the number one main concern for any organisation.

This need, in turn, has resulted in integrating security as a fundamental component. It necessitates integrating security particles from the start of the development in any software which interacts with data. With the growth of the “data as a service” platform and constant internet threats, big data security will become the next big trend.


DevOps has altered the way we develop software so leading to more agile and faster software developments while – at the same time – also boosting the general quality of software. However, as the cloud has become key to most software developments, together with improved dependence on the internet to deliver software, the threats for software may very well also increase. In contrast, DevSecOps has incorporated security into every aspect of the software development process, with security teams always monitoring all aspects of the DevOps process.