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Musk Reveals Details on Tesla Pick-up Truck

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has recently revealed his company’s latest vehicle launch: the Tesla cybertruck. The futuristic-looking pick-up truck was unveiled to the public in a lavish ceremony, and although the reveal did not go exactly according to plan, the world is abuzz with the news of Tesla’s latest electric-powered creation.

According to Musk in a Twitter post, the vehicle will also have a few significant features. These include power outlets that can power 240V tools for hours on end without any external power sources like generators needed. Perhaps it won’t be long before it can power mobile devices to make playing casino Singapore games easier too!

The electric pick-up also boasts an all-wheel drive and dual-motor power train, as well as excitingly high torque figures, according to Musk. In fact, the new Tesla’s torque numbers would put it in line with the latest American-style utility vehicles that arrived on Australian soil this year. Musk’s design will in some ways be very similar to the Ram 2500 and the upcoming Chevrolet Silverado that offers impressive towing capabilities.

Lower Load Capacity Specified

With all this said, Tesla’s extensive use of heavy duty batteries will mean that the new vehicle’s load capacity stands on the lower side. On a more positive note, this makes it available to regular driver’s license holders so that the ute will not be restricted to those carrying heavy vehicle licenses.

The sleek new Tesla will also feature automatic dampers which can adjust the truck’s suspension depending on its load. Musk further added that the ute will have a range of between 650km and 800km, which is comparable to the range of the popular dual motor Model S from the same company. The Tesla clocks in at the lower range in terms of highway speeds.

The pick-up of the future has also focused heavily on technology. Those who dread parallel parking will be pleased to know that the vehicle is capable of performing this activity by itself! The vehicle officially arrived in November 2019, just as promised by Tesla’s CEO in earlier statements about the launch.

Tesla Builds Additional Production Line

Despite its mixed-bag of a first showing, in which Musk managed to break two of the truck’s supposedly unbreakable windows with a cricket bat, spectators were impressed that the electric car manufacturer was able to keep to its production and launch targets regardless.

The manufacturer missed multiple targets for its cost-effective Model 3 sedan, with just under 10,000 cars leaving the production line in Q1 this year. Musk described the issue as a ‘production hell’, but seems to have turned things around to a degree with his latest launch.

In response to these missed production targets, Tesla recently built a new, temporary production line at the vehicle maker’s factory in Freemont, California. Hopefully, the rapidly-built line is enough to keep production volumes high for both the Model 3 and the ute, which are both expected to be in high demand as we head into 2020.