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Weekend Projects for Engineers

Are you stuck for something to do on your days off? Staying busy and productive just got a whole lot easier! Search step-by-step instructions for these easy projects online and you’ll be good to go.

Build a Beautiful Porch Table

If your partner’s been keeping on at you to get some household chores done, why not raise the barre and wow them with your engineering- and design-savvy by constructing a nice table for the porch? This project is an excellent way to use up all the scrap wood you may have been hoarding. You’ll need a little concrete and those 2X4s.

Build a Fan Charger for Your Phone

We’re all of us plagued by our phones’ batteries running low, so why not construct a wind-powered charger? It’s especially suited to cyclers, as the computer fan you’ve recycled can generate electricity as you bike. You’ll never be forced to stop enjoying Malaysia smartphone casino games because of a beeping battery notification again!

Clean Up All That Rust

Spare parts lying around get rusty quickly, but there’s a way to get them all looking as good as new. You don’t even need hard chemicals, and can get the job done with things you already have in your house.

Create a Dramatic Alarm System

If you’re interested in adding extra protection to your home, then is the perfect project. You’ll need a battery, clothespin, and a couple of other things for your brand-new DIY trip-wire alarm, and you can rig it up to trigger the fuse on either a firecracker or a lit-up LED. Just remember to keep your wits about you with this one, as safety is an issue.

Learn How to Pick a Lock

This is a great skill to have for when you lock yourself out of your house, and it’s surprisingly easy to learn. There are loads of informative articles online that will have you ready for any eventuality.

Make an Electric Skateboard

Motorised vehicles are super fun, but they’re pricey. Why spend money on new motors and skateboards when you’ve got a perfectly workable electric drill in your garage? This project will cost you a little money but it will still be cheaper than buying that fully motorised skateboard.

Make a Vacuum Cleaner

Are dust bunnies proliferating in your house because your vacuum cleaner’s broken? No problem! Although it won’t have as much of the sucking power as an expensive new machine will, you can easily create a handy little vacuum cleaner. All you need is a spare jug, some tubing, and a How-To from the internet. It’s a great way to keep your car clean and get rid of those pesky food crumbs littering your couch.

Make a Spare Key for Your House

Didn’t learn how to pick a lock and know you’re stuck outside your front door? Make a spare key, all you’ll need is a leftover can. Cheap as new keys are, real engineers make their own! Besides, this way you don’t have to go to the store.